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Teeth Whitening – Facts

It is generally believed that teeth Whitening effects tooth enamel adversely. This is not at all true! Most of the Teeth Whiteners mainly use Hydrogen Peroxide (Read More…) as the active ingredients in their tooth whitener gels. Hydrogen Peroxide (HO) is a strong oxidising agent which after some chemical reactions turns into water (H2O) releasing Oxygen molecules (O2) in the process. As we know both Water and Oxygen non-toxic to our body and are a common need in the body. Oxygen generated here can penetrate through tooth’s rough surface dislodging particles that stain the tooth. One can imagine this process of dislodging particles as like in the TV commercials in which washing powder with bleaches use the oxygen produced to lift stains from the clothing which look to be perfectly smooth too us. Even so “bleach” Hydrogen Peroxide is nothing similar to the household bleach, which contains ammonia or some other low-end acid based whitening products. The teeth whiteners unlike the household bleach can even be swallowed within a limit.  More over our own body produces HO naturally for chemical reactions in the body! Acidic products are known to remove enamel from the teeth hence when looking for teeth whitening products look for products based on Hydrogen Peroxide which have no, or low acidity levels that is there are pH balanced. It is said the everyday Orange Juice can erode and soften your teeth many times more than what a teeth whitener can do if used correctly.

Another misconception about the Teeth Whitener is that it is said to be not Safe hundred percentage safe, which is absolutely rubbish! Hydrogen Peroxide based Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching has been in use for more than a 100 years now. Most of the recognized dental and health care bodies around the world are with the use of tooth bleach. These bodies also recognize tooth bleaching as a generally safe practice, given that the simple safety measures for usage are not broken. Most suppliers also provide a guide to users on how to safely use the product.

Safety issues in the usage of the teeth whiteners are generally centred on two main issues: first one is the exposure of the gel of the whitener to the gums and other soft tissue in the mouth and the second one is the tooth sensitivity. Both effects can be minimized by the use of professional cosmetic teeth powder. With the professional efforts in the industry the side effects due to the use have become temporary and there are no side effects which are permanent.  Like all cosmetic procedures, some discomforts have to be endured by the person. Which most people think is vain pain.
People think that all the whitening Gels are the same. This is not at all true. There are basically to option for whitening gels, they are the Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide variants of the products. Even though both generate the same active ingredient that is the Hydrogen Peroxide, the Carbamide Peroxide acts much slower than the hydrogen peroxide variant. And hence is recommended to be used only with an Accelerator Light or preferably for overnight use only. Carbamide Peroxide concentrations are roughly made up of 1/3 of Hydrogen Peroxide. It takes almost 35% Carbamide oxide to generate 12% hydrogen peroxide.
Even such carbamide oxide is used extensively because Hydrogen Peroxide is an unstable compound, being a strong oxidising compound it reacts immediately, hence is expensive to produce. As a result most vendors of the products offer only Carbamide Peroxide based products. Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide is also available but is very expensive due to the difficulty of production of stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide reacts with teeth as soon as it is in contact, hence is best used for short term usage.

It is also believed generally that teeth whitening accelerator lights are not actually of any use, which is not true. Studies have shown that professional accelerator lights can actually accelerate the oxidization process. This is especially useful and also true for Carbamide Peroxide whitening gels with slower chemical reactions than the hydrogen peroxide based ones. This fact can be proved by the sheer number of dentists who offer instant chair side tooth whitening using led power and carbamide peroxide based gels. Even laboratory tests are in favour of this, showing that the professional quality Blue LED Accelerator lights can hasten tooth whitening process while Carbamide Peroxide gel is used.

Some believe that to get professional whitening going to the dentist is inevitable. The modern day whiteners are proving this concept wrong. Actually, if you by the professional whitening gel and the professional accelerator light, you can do the whitening yourself without help of any other person let alone a dentist.
The only need of a dentist is when you need to have very strong bleach which is only available exclusively to dentists. For more information on the topic refer teethwhiteningtips.ca




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