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Fogstops anti fog adhesive protection is a winner!

There is a new anti fog competitor in the game and it is Fogstops Anti fog adhesive protection.  It is exactly as the name implies.  It is an adhesive (tape) that you paste on the inside of your dental loupes and it prevents any fog from building up.  Unlike most anti fog solutions that last only a couple of hours to a day, this anti fog tape lasts an entire year.  It is anti bacterial, resistant to discoloration and has its own self cleaning mechanism.  I found the UV light self cleaning mechanism neat, it breaks up contaminants and particles on the surface and allows you to easily wipe it off. It is $19.99 and can be found sold on Amazon here:


It has a 5/5 review rating on Amazon and seems like a very well thought out product.

The website for fogstops shows pretty neat mechanisms of how the tape works.  If you want to take a look at the website it can be found here, at http://www.fogstops.com

This will definitely cure the end of my bad foggy days and increase my productivity.



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