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A Smart Toothbrush

Nowadays there’s an app for everything.  Everything is smart too – so why not your toothbrush?  Do you miss your mother telling you that you need to brush longer?  Are you worried your not doing it right?  Well, there’s an app for that.  Seriously.

At the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas a new toothbrush was introduced – the Kolibree.  The name comes from the motion of a hummingbirds wings which vibrate quickly.

The toothbrush can synchronize with your smart phone wirelessly through Bluetooth.  An app is also downloaded to your smart phone.  It tracks your brushing habits and reports as diligently you would need to with your mother.  The app records whether or not you are brushing up or down (vs. sideways), whether you have paid attention to all the quadrants in your mouth or not, and of course – how long you brushed.  Pretty charts are available to put the data into a visual glance.

The toothbrush has a rewards system that can be enabled and can even connect and report your information to your dentist or favorite social media network.  “Hello Facebook – I didn’t brush my teeth today!”  Oh my…

The new toothbrush is priced from $99-$200 depending upon the chosen model.  The French maker is looking at using crowd funding to provide pre-orders…more details to come.

Future apps could really make brushing more entertaining or game-like for children.  This would encourage children to brush longer, more thoroughly, and properly at the same time.  In the near future, you may not have to ask your kid to brush anymore.  Yeah! 



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